You have an amazing startup idea, but what's the secret to running a successful startup?
Do you find yourself wondering....

  • We come across these questions all the time with the startups we support – so we launched the Startup Discovery Course.

    This master course is for the emerging startup CEO to launch their startup at a lightning speed and make their startup a tremendous success. Hold on, you are in for a ride!

  • To single-handedly self-launch your startup and research all the information on your own – you will need a LOT of time. Maybe 1-2 years. But, this framework “the Startup Discovery” will help you with creating a high-value startup in 10 weeks.

  • Startup Discovery Master Course

    Master Course Start Date: August 1st 2016
    Regular Price: $295
    SparkPass Price: $95
    Weekly Commitment: ~2hrs

  • Through this course we will explore many techniques that startup pros and expert coaches are using;

    1. You will develop a clear understanding of the strength of your idea using a 4 step formula.
    2. You will outline and test a value proposition that is custom for your startup to help you dominate your market place.
    3. You will explore the importance of being a mission focused startup driving to a vision, and how to use various strategies to guide your initiatives accordingly.
    4. You will learn to pitch your value proposition in different ways for different audiences and stakeholders using your mission and vision and market exploration as the foundation.
    5. Finally you will tie it all together by exploring your leadership skills and qualities and identifying who you need to bring onto your startup to make your vision a reality.

    This will open up doors for you to big opportunities, may even set you on the path to get your startup funded.

  • But first, we want to expose the flaws in the traditional mindset, which keep many entrepreneurs stuck, making very little money.

    I need to find investors to get funding to build my idea into a product.
     I need money to hire someone to build my product.
     I need to find someone to build my product before anything else.
     I need to that magic business person to pave the path for selling the product.
     I will never have enough time needed to successfully launch the product.
     I will look at fully established companies, and compare our first shippable product to those.

    This WILL set you up for failure. It is both a unconstructive mindset, and also a risky way to go about building a business. 

  • Remember successful startups are customer-first – not startup-first solutions. Have you ever thought about the following? If not, now is the time to do so and the Startup Discovery course will provide the path to these questions and guide you through the answers.

    What customer problem are you solving?
     Is it a problem they are willing to pay for?
     How are they solving their problems right now?
     What is a viable solution for the customer?
     Who else solves their problem for them?
     How does your solution compete?
     Know the difference between a solution and the problem.
     The problem comes first. It is only logical to know the problem before finding the solution. Let’s say you have a great idea (most ideas come with a problem-solution hypotheses), you just have to learn to identify it.
     Understand what it takes operationally for your startup to solve the problem for the customer.
     Understand what it takes from a branding/marketing/sales perspective to convey a clear message to your customers.
     Make sure that the financials map up costs and revenue. Although there are paid customers, is it sufficient to make it a successful startup?

    Remember the formula for building a successful startup always starts with a lot of hard work, and having a key insight and understanding into the market you aim to serve – then building a product that will delight them! This course will be your guide through this process.

  • Startups now have a low barrier to entry - there isn't a better time to pursue entrepreneurship, but make sure first your idea is the right one to pursue. Be ready to grow and adapt your idea, as you traverse the path of entrepreneurship.

    If you have come this far, and read all this – you are ready to jumpstart your startup and IGNITE it’s success. Because this is exactly what our framework is going to teach you. We know that you are capable of making great strides in your startup. You just need expert guidance and an easy to follow, step-by-step plan to get you there!

  • Startup Discovery Master Course

    Master Course Start Date: August 1st 2016
    Regular Price: $295
    SparkPass Price: $95
    Weekly Commitment: ~2hrs